Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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MARTIN to Participate in Package on Package (PoP) Design and Assembly Center
MANCHESTER, NH -    MARTIN will highlight the EXPERT 10.6 Rework Station in the SMTAI PoP Center
MARTIN will be one of nine companies participating in the Package on Package Design and Assembly Center (PoP Center) at SMTA International this year. The PoP Center will take place October 16 and 17 in the SMTA International exhibit hall in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, FL.

MARTIN will highlight the EXPERT 10.6 Rework Station in the PoP Center. The system can remove all layers of a PoP at the same time, or remove layer by layer. And with precise temperature control, neighboring components remain undisturbed. The EXPERT 10.6 offers an affordable PoP rework solution with the best price/performance ratio.

PoP applications are growing in popularity for mobile and handheld professional electronics applications and with it placing further demands on design and assembly engineers. PoP also is finding favor in professional handheld tablets and commercial high-reliability applications. Package on package is new to many engineers but ready to explode in the marketplace. In simple terms, PoP represents the stacking of area arrays one on top of another, either during the original component manufacture or during printed board assembly. As real estate is at a premium for logic and memory, PCB designers say the only way to go is up and up. PoP packaging systems may include flip chip, wire bonding or conductive adhesives for device to device interconnection.

For further information on the PoP Center, visit http://www.smta.org/smtai/pop.cfm.

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