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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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Strategic Materials Conference 2012 in San Jose
San Jose, CA — The 2012 Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) is the only conference dedicated to exploring the synergies, trends and business opportunities in advanced electronic materials. It is being held on Oct. 23-24 at SEMI Headquarters in San Jose, California.

Accelerated developments in material sciences and applications are occurring more and more — in semiconductors, LEDs, PV, printed electronics, energy storage, and power devices — and these changes present new opportunities for cost reduction and performance enhancement. Many of the innovations and trends in one industry are applicable to other industries, creating potential valuable synergies across the micro- and nano-electronic materials spectrum. SMC 2012 offers presentations — by leading market analysts, academic researchers, industry consortiums, leading manufacturers, and top suppliers — with an innovative interactive and track-based format. The conference also serves as a valuable forecasting tool and an accelerator for advanced materials usage in the electronics industry.

Scheduled keynote speakers include: Dr. John Smythe, Advanced Technology Lead DMTS, Micron Potential Consequences of Emerging Technology Section; Dr. Kang Wang, Raytheon Professor, UCLA Nano Materials for Non-Volatile Electronics; Dr. Craig S. Allen, SACHEM; Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove, DisplaySearch; Sean Doyle, Intel Capital; Dr. Geraud Dubois, IBM Almaden Research; James Dietz, Plextronics; Chris Erickson, Pangaea Ventures; Jamie Fox, IMS Research, IHS; Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide; Carl Geisert, Sr., Intel Corporation; Dr. Bor Jang, Angstron Materials; Dr. Keith Long, U.S. Geological Survey; John Maltabes, HP Labs; Tim McDonald, International Rectifier; Dr. Dale McHerron, IBM; Thiloma Perera, Dow Electronic Materials; Matthew Prater, Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner; John S. Richard, DuPont Displays; Dr. Tom Rueckes, Nantero; Shawn Sahbari, Envirodigm; Mark Thirsk, Linx Consulting; Dr. Dan Tracy, SEMI; Dave Thompson, Applied Materials; Michael Watson, Cree; Dr. Michael Woodhouse, NREL; Techcet Group.

Program tracks include: Carbon-based Materials: Energy; Storage and Semiconductors; LED and Power Semiconductors; Organic and Printed Materials; Semiconductors, Trends and Opportunities.

Contact: SEMI, 3081 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134 408-943-6900 fax: 408-428-9600 E-mail: Web:  

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