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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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World Class Vacuum Tools from Virtual Industries
Vacuum pickups for tiny parts.
Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. is highlighting the TV-1000 and V8100A-FS-110-DLX-D vacuum tools. The TV-1000 is a general-purpose vacuum handling tool that plugs directly into 110 Volt 50/60Hz. This compact unit will handle a wide variety of parts used in industry today. The long-life diaphragm vacuum pump generates up to 10 inches of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. The unit connects to ground automatically with a three-wire power cord. The TV-1000 comes complete with many features including five feet of coiled vacuum hose, a set of nine vacuum tips, long-life pump and rubber no-skid feet.

The deluxe vacuum tweezer kit V8100A-FS-110-DLX-D has additional pick-up power for handling small to very large size components, with a precision pump and motor generating over 15 inches of mercury. The compact tower design takes up a very small footprint on the bench. An electric eye pen holder on the side automatically shuts the unit off when the vacuum pen is placed in it. A jack on the rear of the V8100A series allows use of an optional foot or hand switch to control vacuum during pick and place operations.

Contact: Virtual Industries, Inc., 2130 Victor Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-572-5566 fax: 719-572-5504 E-mail: Web:

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