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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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Manncorp Expands Line of Desiccant Cabinets
Ulta-Dry line of desiccant cabinets.
Willow Grove, PA — Recognizing the growing market demand to protect surface mount components from moisture damage, Manncorp has expanded its line of desiccant cabinets and made them easier and quicker to buy. The company is reportedly now geared to the needs of virtually all potential users. The cabinets are being stocked in San Diego, making them available for time-critical delivery.

The company website now showcases 10 different models with capacities ranging from 5.8ft3 (165L) up to 44.1ft3 (1250L) and very affordably priced. The cabinets are available in two model series — those that prevent moisture traces by maintaining a round-the-clock relative humidity level of <5 percent. Other models have the same preventive function, but can also quickly restore moisture-impaired devices by baking them at safe, low temperatures.

Also referred to as "dry boxes," desiccant cabinets prevent RH moisture absorption that vaporizes and expands within surface mount components during reflow, causing "popcorning" and other packaging and internal defects that frequently go undiscovered until field usage occurs.

Manncorp products include pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, wave solder machines, rework equipment, board cleaners, desiccant cabinets, solder pastes and more.

Contact: Manncorp, 2845 Terwood Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090 800-745-6266 or 215-830-1200 fax: 215-830-1206 E-mail: Web:

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