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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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BTU Int'l Adds New PYRAMAX Capabilities
Pyramax oven gets 2nd lane.
North Billerica, MA — BTU International, Inc. is highlighting new High Efficiency (HE) flux management and new dual-lane, dual-speed capabilities of its PYRAMAX solder reflow system. The newly configured reflow ovens reportedly provide the highest throughput, and the HE flux management system incorporates a new design that ensures clean oven operation that further extends the maintenance cycle. The HE flux management system collects flux residue by processing oven atmosphere from multiple extraction points through a series of heat exchangers. To reduce downtime, the HE flux management system is designed to allow service while the oven is in production for true on-the-fly maintenance.

Dual-lane reflow ovens have been used to double throughput in a single reflow oven by allowing two boards to be run at the same time in parallel, with identical or nearly identical boards. Now, by using dual-speed, it is possible to achieve independent thermal profiles and run boards with significant differences, simultaneously, adding further flexibility to the already doubled throughput. The newly-launched WINCON5.0 control system software offers true dual process capability with the ability to adjust one lane while the other lane continues production.

Contact: BTU International, 23 Esquire Road, North Billerica, MA 01862 978-667-4111 fax: 978-667-9068 Web:

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