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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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Automated Radiography from Creative Electron
Full inspection of 2 x 3.5-in. PCBA built from 60 radiographs.
San Marcos, CA — The TruView x-ray inspection systems from Creative Electron were developed around powerful automation platforms that allow for high-quality and high-speed radiography. Partially funded by Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security grants, the TruView x-ray inspection systems bring to market high-quality and high-speed radiography at an affordable price point to support the competitiveness of American manufacturing in the global economy.

The TruView platform pioneered the Reel-to-Reel® (R2R) inspection, a powerful system to automate the radiography of electronic components on reels. Together with the tray and tube automated inspection, TruView's unique 100 percent inspection capabilities are responsible for millions of dollars in savings and for stopping thousands of counterfeit parts from entering commercial, military, medical, and industrial supply chains.

The company's automated platform and software have also enabled the inspection of PCBAs with an unprecedented combination of speed, quality, and affordability. The example shown here is a 2 x 3.5-in. (51 x 89mm) fully radiographed PCB created from the combination of 60 individual radiographs.

The ability to automatically combine multiple images to build an effective larger field of view is a crucial feature of today's radiograph systems.

The family of TruView x-ray inspection systems combine powerful features needed in the PCB inspection and counterfeit detection markets. Starting from portable radiography systems to large cabinets capable of manipulating 22 x 22-in. (559 x 559mm) PCBs, the company's TruView fully automated x-ray imaging systems meet the ever increasing requirements of the electronics inspection market.

Contact: Creative Electron, Inc., 253 Pawnee St., San Marcos, CA 92078 760-752-1192 fax: 760-752-1196 Web:

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