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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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ISI Delivers Molded Multi-Component Modules
Modular 3D packaging.
Camarillo, CA — Interconnect Systems Inc. (ISI) has introduced its molded multi-component modules (MMCM) designed for applications in rugged, miniaturized environments. The new MMCM product line improves cost and reliability for custom applications within a wide range of industries including military, telecom, aerospace, automotive and high performance computing.

MMCM solutions consist of bare or packaged die and passive electronic components overmolded with thermoset epoxy. These modules can be used as a rugged system in package, replacements for obsolete ICs, or high density memory modules. The use of thermoset epoxy to encapsulate the assembly provides good protection to withstand extreme heat, vibration, shock, and moisture for operation in harsh environments. In addition, overmolding prevents chemical exposure to components and reduces stress from thermal expansion.

The company's innovative 3D packaging techniques and use of the latest epoxy thermoset materials provides for a reliable and durable overmolded module. The underfilling and overmolding process is executed simultaneously, resulting in a simplified manufacturing process. Small particle sizes are used for underfill of BGAs, flip chips, and wirebond encapsulation.

For high wattage modules, ISI performs a thorough thermal analysis and incorporates custom heatsinks when required. ISI develops final test procedures to verify quality on 100 percent of modules shipped. This can include automated optical inspection to verify critical dimensions including lead true position, co-planarity, and flatness, as well as electrical functional test and boundary scan.

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