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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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Crystek Intros 1662-1708MHz VCO

Fort Myers, FL — Crystek's CVCO33BE-1662-1708 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) operates from 1662 to 1708MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5V to 4.5V. This VCO has a typical phase noise of -106dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and has excellent linearity. Output power is typically +2dBm.Read More
DSI Intros Multispectral Optical Filter Assembly

Santa Rosa, CA — Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable optical thin film coatings, has expanded its sophisticated optical components line, the new Multispectral Optical Filter Assemblies, or MOFAs. The company's advanced optical assembly technology combines individually ...Read More
Fischer MiniMax Connectors Combine Power and Signal

Alpharetta, GA — The new Fischer MiniMax from Fischer Connectors is a first-of-its kind rugged push-pull interconnect solution for today's smaller devices. An all-in-one 20 signal (0.5A) and 4 power (5A) connector with a patents-pending 24 mixed contacts, the MiniMax reportedly has a durability ...Read More
Kepco Intros Half-Rack Power Supply

Flushing, NY — Kepco is introducing its new series KLN 750 Watt power supply. It is a low-profile, automatic crossover, high-performance, low-cost programmable power supply. The KLN delivers 750 Watts of stable DC power in a 1U, half-rack package. Eleven models range from 0-6V, 0-100A to 0-600V, ...Read More
New Color TFT-LCD Touch Screen Modules from Mitsubishi

Ratingen, Germany — Mitsubishi Electric is launching new 6.5-in. (165mm) VGA (AA065VE11-PCAP), 10.4-in. (264mm) XGA (AA104XF12-PCAP) and 12.1-in. (307mm) XGA (AA121XN11-PCAP) color TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch panel and LVDS interface for industrial applications. \par ...Read More
Narda Coax Attenuator Family to 6GHz

Hauppauge, NY — Narda Microwave-East, an L-3 Communications company, has introduced the Model 769A family of bidirectional coaxial fixed attenuators that are designed for general purpose and test and measurement applications. The attenuators operate from DC to 6GHz, and are available with attenuation ...Read More
Newport: Pneumatic Isolators for 3200-lb Loads

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation has developed a new series of pneumatic vibration isolators for platform loads up to 3200 lbs. The I-800P Series isolators provide performance based on the company's Stabilizer hybrid-chamber design to deliver the best vertical and horizontal isolation available ...Read More
Ohmite Upgrades C Series Heatsinks

Arlington Heights, IL — Ohmite Manufacturing Company's C Series heatsink now supports most resistor package sizes from TO-126 to TO-264. Designed for high power density and small size (1U or 2U) electronic packaging with forced convection cooling, this powerful heat sink provides tool and fixture ...Read More
PEM: Self-Locking Fasteners with Nylon Insert

Danboro, PA — PEM® nylon insert self-locking fasteners provide a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock to prevent threaded mating hardware from loosening in service due to vibration or other application-related forces. Their special trademarked blue nylon hexagonal locking element ...Read More
New from Quail: Multi-USB Charging Station

Livermore, CA — Quail Electronics has introduced a combination USB travel power station that is designed to eliminate the need to travel with 4 or 5 different chargers.Read More
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