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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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IGBT Connector and Cable Assemblies from 2E SysCom

Millis, MA — IGBT connectors and cable assemblies from 2E SysCom are designed specifically for attaching to the spade terminals on IGBT modules. These are used to connect the IGBT power modules to a printed circuit board. Suitable for 2 spade tabs 2.8 x 0.5mm, the connectors are made with integrated ...Read More
Alpha and Omega Intros Low-Draw 8V Power MOSFETs

Sunnyvale, CA — Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has added the first 8V devices to its Low Voltage Power MOSFET product line. The AON2400 and AON2401 feature ultra-low on-resistance rated at 1.2VGS to extend battery life in low voltage applications. The combined benefits of longer battery life and ...Read More
APEM Intros Hall Effect Pushbutton

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components, Inc. is introducing its IH Hall Effect pushbutton. This pushbutton switch has a 12mm diameter bushing with a low behind-panel depth. The company's IH series offers one-of-a-kind Hall Effect sensor technology for a long lifecycle. Read More
New 40 GHz High Performance Test Cables from API

Orlando, FL — API Technologies Corp. has introduced new high performance 40GHz test cables. These cables present a low insertion loss and are available with armorized and weatherized protective coverings, making them suitable for rugged lab, production, and environmental testing conditions.\par ...Read More
Avo: Design and Production for Vescent Laser Scanner

Horsham, PA — Avo Photonics is providing custom development and ongoing packaging services for Vescent Photonics' 2-dimensional electro-optic laser scanners. Rather than controlling beam direction through mechanical manipulation of lenses or mirrors, Vescent's novel scanning technology uses changes ...Read More
B&K Precision: New Low-Cost Programmable Switching Supplies

Yorba Linda, CA — B&K Precision has introduced its new line of bench switching mode DC power supplies, models 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B. Each model offers a different configuration of variable output voltage and current: 1-60V, 0-5A (1685B); 1-36V, 0-10A (1687B); and 1-18V, 0-20A (1688B). Read More
New EtherCAT Coupler from Beckhoff

Burnsville, MN — Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new EK18xx EtherCAT Coupler series, designed to reduce the costs and cabinet space requirements of Industrial Ethernet I/O systems. In addition to a connection for high performance EtherCAT I/O terminals, the EK18xx series integrates EtherCAT ...Read More
Binder-USA: T-Coded Power Connectors

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA is introducing the first official line of M12 power connectors with T-coding. The Series 813 connectors use the standard M12 locking thread, but include a new coding or key to prevent mismating with other M12 versions. Other modifications of the M12 connector have been ...Read More
Bud Intros Wall Mount Cabinet

Cleveland, OH — Bud Industries has introduced a new Wall Mount Network Cabinet with a narrow profile and a variety of value-added features for EIA 310D-compliant storage of 19-in. (483mm) rack-mount equipment.Read More
C and K Intros Sealed Tactile Switch

Newton, MA — C and K Components has expanded its popular KSC Series sealed tactile switch offering to include a version with customizable actuation and button height. The surface-mountable KSC9 Series switch delivers a specific actuator with a groove for button clipping and compatibility. Read More
Encapsulated AC/DC Linear Supply from Calex

Concord, CA — Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. has introduced the Model 22-100 Linear Power Supply. The new product provides a tightly regulated ±15V output providing ±100mA of output current. The supply's output noise is low, 2mV rms, making the unit suitable for powering sensitive analog circuitry. The ...Read More
Cellergy Intros Smallest Supercapacitors

Migdal Haemek, Israel — Cellergy has introduced its new CLC series supercapacitor, offering low leakage current (LC) for its small footprint products (12 x 12.5mm), the smallest footprint in the market, with heights ranging from 2.4 to 3.6mm. The maximum LC for single cell configurations is 1.5µA ...Read More
Cicoil's Rugged Silicone Cables for Arctic Conditions

Valencia, CA — Cicoil's Arctic Grade Silicone Cables are designed for extremely cold temperatures (-65°C), punishing weather, and severe operating conditions. Suitable for use in land, air and marine equipment, these Halogen-free and Flame Resistant (UL 94 V-0) cables are an excellent alternative ...Read More
Corelis Intros High-Speed Quad-SPI Host Adapter

Cerritos, CA — Corelis, Inc. has introduced the BusPro-S, a high-speed multi-IO SPI host adapter. The BusPro-S USB-powered desktop instrument allows engineers to save precious development time by providing low level control of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) buses for the generation of SPI messages ...Read More
Crouzet's Modulating Linear Motor Helps Meet Green Initiative

San Diego, CA — The linear motor offered by Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST), provides varying gas flow control instead of straight on/off control. Today's typical gas furnace has a shutoff valve whereby gas output is either fully on or fully off, no matter the usage required ...Read More
Electronic Assembly: Line of Graphics Displays

Gilching, Germany — The five graphic displays of the DOG line from Electronic Assembly GmbH offer a resolution of 102 x 64 to 160 x 104 pixels. The three text displays can show two or three lines of text at 16 characters per line, or a single line with up to 8 characters. A special feature of this ...Read More
EAO Expands High-Performance Switches for Machinery

Milford, CT — EAO Corporation has expanded its Series 04 range of high-performance 22.5mm switches to include new accessories for the machinery, process control, automation, and semiconductor industries. The Series 04 range includes pushbuttons, indicators, keylocks, selector switches, and emergency ...Read More
Electro-Mech Intros Modular Multi-Image PB Switches

South El Monte, CA — Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has introduced the Series SW44823 Multi-Image Switch Series offering an especially suitable solution for high-density instrumentation panels and display areas where several switching functions may be required. Designed in a low-profile, unitized ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc.: Epoxy Adhesive Fills Many Needs

Cranston, RI — The 50-3122 is a one-component epoxy that requires no mixing and cures in a fairly short period of time as well — 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on cure temperature. It makes an excellent choice for electronic, electrical, aerospace, appliance, automotive, and industrial applications ...Read More
FCI Intros Power Distribution Connectors

Etters, PA — Connector and interconnect system manufacturer FCI has introduced an advanced series of power distribution connectors for mobile communication applications. The PwrBlade+ Series connectors combine high linear current density and low power loss with ruggedness and durability to deliver ...Read More
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