Saturday, May 26, 2018
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BlueLine? Contactors: Highest Multitest Performance for Third-Party Test Handlers
ROSENHEIM, Germany -  
Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, announces that its BlueLine™ contactors make the high-performance Multitest cantilever contacting technology available for non-Multitest handlers as well. Although the company is known for one-stop Plug&Yield solutions, Multitest contactors are well established and successfully deployed on other handler brands.

An excellent example of a successful deployment of Multitest contactors is a long-term business relationship with a major Japanese IDM that uses Multitest DuraKelvin® sockets on non-Multitest pick-and-place handlers. Also, on this third-party equipment, the DuraKelvin® performs exceptionally in terms of yield, life span and cost of test. The customer constantly reorders and already has bought several hundred of these contactors.

Gerhard Gschwendtberger, Business Unit Manager, explains, “Customers sometimes hesitate to use Multitest sockets on non-Multitest handlers because they see us mainly as a handling equipment company; however, my business unit is solely dedicated to the contactors market. We have dedicated R&D and supply chain resources. In the end, “BlueLine” customers benefit from our contacting expertise as well as our experience and leveraged first-hand expertise with handling equipment. Our BlueLine customers particularly appreciate the premier customer support that we are able to provide globally within the Multitest organization.”

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