Thursday, May 24, 2018
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New Nordson MARCH FlexVIA System Offers Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use Plasma Treatment for Flexible PCB Materials
CONCORD, CA -  FlexVIA™ Plasma System, a completely self-contained vacuum plasma system
Nordson MARCH, a global leader in plasma processing technology, announces its new FlexVIA™ Plasma System, a completely self-contained vacuum plasma system designed for maximum efficiency and cost-effective treatment of flex materials. Plasma is used to treat the inner surface layer of flexible printed circuits boards (PCB), prior to lamination, for improved adhesion and reliability. The dual-rack chamber accommodates up to eighteen 20 x 24 inch panels in a single cycle. Both sides of the flex material surface area are treated in a single-step process enabling a rate of 80-120 units per hour (UPH).

The FlexVIA System features a space-saving, compact chassis 1651 mm wide x 1283 mm deep (65 x 94.5 in.) and an advanced horizontal electrode design to provide optimum material alignment for uniform plasma treatment. Utilizing patented plasma technology the system does not require the use of temperature control, a blower, or expensive fluorine gases. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective gas plasma solutions, such as argon (Ar) and oxygen (O2), are utilized for additional cost saving benefits. 

It is easy to load the flexible materials into the chamber of the FlexVIA System via two, optimum height, easy-access, front-loading doors with a maximum loading height of 1310 mm (51.55 in.). Convenient carts smoothly slide the racks in and out of the system. The loading racks also include versatile slide out trays to accommodate a wide range of flexible material sizes. The system is controlled by an intuitive touch screen GUI with a one-button start feature.

"The FlexVIA System's efficient design, economical gas consumption, small footprint and attractive system pricing meet industry demands for a cost-effective and efficient flexible material treatment system. Our many years of innovation and application-specific expertise in the PCB industry are also evident in the operation and ease of use features," stated Dr. James Getty, president, Nordson MARCH.

The first customer deployment is planned for Korea. The FlexVIA Plasma System continues to build on the success of the Nordson MARCH VIA™ line of products, which includes the ProVIA™, MaxVIA™, and RollVIA™ Plasma Systems.
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