Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Nortec AMI Confirms Outstanding Compatibility with Kyzen Cleaning Technologies
NASHVILLE, TN —  Kyzen’s Nashville, TN state-of-the-art applications laboratory
Kyzen, a world leading provider of innovative and environmentally responsible precision cleaning products for electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations, has partnered with Nortec AMI, a leading provider of total ID solutions, to successfully complete a comprehensive label compatibility test series.

The results obtained have unequivocally confirmed Nortec AMI’s exceptional label compatibility to Kyzen’s AQUANOX® A4703, AQUANOX® A4638, AQUANOX® A4625 and AQUANOX® A4520.

Under the direction of Kyzen’s engineering experts, a series of extensive compatibility tests were performed at Kyzen’s Nashville, TN state-of-the-art applications laboratory, in an environment simulating production floor conditions. Throughout trials, Nortec AMI’s high-quality polyimide and polyester label materials were exposed to several washes, during processes both with and without reflow.

According to Doron Lavi, Nortec AMI’s founder and CEO, “The cleaning chemistries used in Kyzen’s AQUANOX products are both effective and environmentally conscious. The extensive tests conducted prove that AQUANOX is strong enough to clean production floor soils and chemicals while not harming our label materials. This is precisely the type of product that will help us continue providing label solutions to harsh environments.”

Considered an industry best-in-class, the AQUANOX product line is versatile and environmentally friendly while providing the lowest cost of ownership. The innovative line is the leader in electronic precision cleaning because of its continuous success in cleaning all types of soils including but not limited to lead-free, OA, and RMA pastes and fluxes. These award-winning cleaning chemistries have been thoroughly tested on the latest Nortec AMI label technologies with great success.

Nortec AMI manufactures and provides standard and customized Thermal Transfer label solutions for applications across multiple markets, and has become a well-known leading solutions provider for total ID needs. The company has headquarters both in Israel and the United States. Nortec’s products are suited for a range of applications in the electronics industry, identification for wires and cables, security ID solutions, clean room labels, high durability label solutions, lead-free applications, and more. Nortec can manufacture and cross reference any label size or part number, offering a wide variety of materials including Kapton (Polyimide), Polyesters, Vinyl, Papers, etc. The company has been ISO 9001:2000 approved since 1996 and its products are RoHS and WEEE compliant, and most are UL and CSA certified.
For more information, visit www.nortec.co.il

For more information, visit www.kyzen.com.

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