Sunday, May 20, 2018
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EasyBraid Co launches new range of POWER TIPS for soldering stations
EasyBraid Co., Mr. John Webber, recently launched a range of POWER TIPS, for EasyBraid’s EB9000S Soldering Station. According to John Webber, National Sales Manager, the tips can also be used with Metcal’s® MX series soldering systems.
These new tips not only maximize performance but provide extended tip life with additional plating. Mr. Webber stated, “Their dependability and impressive functioning will provide a better source of soldering
iron tips for the electronics industry. Being unique to EasyBraid the POWER TIPS are a great advantage in difficult soldering applications.”
In addition to being a leading manufacturer of soldering and desoldering devices, EasyBraid Co. serves as a North American channel for major worldwide technology companies such as SEC X-ray, PBT Cleaning Systems, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, and ALeader AOI.
For more information please call 800-840-5394 or visit EasyBraid’s website

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