Monday, April 23, 2018
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A successful Duo - Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH relies on green and white ELPEMER? solder resists
(from right): Peter Wagner (Managing Director/Technical Director Fischer Leiterplatten), Hartmut Giesen (Lackwerke Peters)
KEMPEN, Germany -
The unique combination of photoimageable solder resists ELPEMER® GL 2467 SM-DG, silk mat, dark green, and GL 2491 SG-TSW-R4, silk glossy, white, has convinced managing director Peter Wagner of Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH. Used for marking print, the pure white and yellowing resistant solder resist is primarily applied by a separate coating line. Thanks to the high resolution and the elimination of time-consuming filter making, the company's flexibility as a specialist for small series and prototyping could be increased to a considerable extent. Excellent performance and an easy processing of both solder resists, short exposure times as well as an efficient support offered by the Lackwerke Peters Application Technology Department have also contributed to their recent decision for ELPEMER®.
About Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH
For more than 40 years, Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH has produced printed circuit boards in Witten, Germany, using first-class materials and guaranteeing continuous quality through state-of-the art equipment, professional diligence and expert knowledge. More than 3,000 customers from various sectors such as automotive industry, telecommunication technology, mining industries, control and switchboard construction, high frequency or measurement and control technologies rely on Fischer pcbs. In close cooperation with their customers, Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH proposes innovative and high-value solutions for customised special productions.

About Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG
Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG of Kempen, Germany, is a manufacturer of high-tech lacquers for pcb production and of coating materials for the protection of assembled pcbs/flat packs. As a full-service provider, they distribute top-quality products with a high consistency of delivery all over the world, offering customised products in line with market needs. A high degree of customer satisfaction is ensured by the special service concept of the PETERS group, which includes a comprehensive support in application technology.
Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH, Wullener Feld 15, 58454 Witten, Germany
Phone +49 (0) 23 02/96 35 10, Fax +49 (0) 23 02/96 35 11 E-Mail: ,
Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG, P.O.B 10 05 20, 47882 Kempen, Germany, Phone +49 (0) 21 52 20 09 - 0, Fax +49 (0) 21 52 20 09 - 70
E-Mail: ,

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