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BTU International to Highlight New PYRAMAX Capabilities during E-12 Denmark
BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the alternative energy and electronics manufacturing markets, will promote the recently-developed, High Efficiency (HE) flux management and dual–lane, dual-speed capabilities of its PYRAMAX™ solder reflow system, as well as the latest version of its WINCON™5.0 control software during the E-12 exhibition at Danish distributor Core-EMT A/S’ Booth 3009 from 11th to 13th September 2012 in Odense, Denmark.

PYRAMAX reflow ovens set the industry standard for thermal performance, providing electronics manufacturers with the highest throughput to compete successfully in today’s challenging marketplace. The HE flux management system incorporates a new design that ensures clean oven operation that further extends the maintenance cycle. The system collects flux residue by processing oven atmosphere from multiple extraction points through a series of heat exchangers. To reduce downtime, the HE flux management system is designed to allow service while the oven is in production (true on-the-fly maintenance).

Dual-lane reflow ovens are now being used to double throughput in a single reflow oven by allowing two boards to be run at the same time in parallel, with identical or nearly identical boards. By using dual-speed, it is possible to achieve independent thermal profiles and run boards with significant differences, simultaneously, adding further flexibility to the already doubled throughput. The newly-launched WINCON 5.0 control system software offers true dual process capability with the ability to adjust one lane while the other lane continues production.

For more information on the new PYRAMAX features please feel free to speak with BTU’s European Sales Manager, Oliver Wehner, during E-12 or visit  

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