Monday, June 25, 2018
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SIPLACE SX Road Show 2012 moves on to Canada: SIPLACE SX platform’s ultimate flexibility simplifies manufacturing challenges
The SIPLACE SX platform was designed to help electronics manufacturers simplify their many and ever more complex production challenges.
After a successful first stop in New England, the SIPLACE SX 2012 North American Road Show moves on to Mississauga, Ontario, from September 17 to 25. At the Comtree Manufacturers Representative offices, the SIPLACE team will showcase once more its SX platform, the high-flexibility placement solution for high mix and high volume productions. Visitors will be introduced to the outstanding versatility of SX features such as SIPLACE Random Feeder Set Up and the SIPLACE Multistar placement head during exclusive private demonstrations, where they can learn just how the SIPLACE SX can simplify their personal manufacturing challenges. Furthermore, advanced NPI tools and new productivity enhancing software will be demonstrated by SIPLACE experts.

As showcased earlier this year in New England and at the APEX show, SIPLACE’s hugely successful SIPLACE SX platform was designed to simplify complex challenges facing today’s electronics manufacturers. The SIPLACE SX is built ground up to eliminate any hardware constraints found in other SMT equipment. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with a new generation of industry leading interfaces and programming tools. The SIPLACE SX Roadshow now offers the opportunity to see which main areas SIPLACE will help to meet the challenges of modern electronics production, up close in a private demonstration.

Simplify your manufacturing challenges
Whatever your challenges concerning productivity, flexibility and capacity might be, SIPLACE can offer you a tailored solution from its broad product portfolio. The SIPLACE SX hardware and software will support the most unique requirements in terms of Changeover and Production Set Up, while production itself becomes easy to understand through user interfaces and self help animations. Hardly any need for maintenance is another special feature of the SIPLACE SX, and for scheduled check ups the task becomes quick and easy to perform.

To make a private appointment for the SIPLACE SX Road Show, please contact our Canadian Sales manager below:
David Intson, 1-905-315-0398, 
More information at

ASM Assembly Systems
At the beginning of 2011, the SIPLACE team (formerly Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems) became a business unit of ASM Pacific Technology and operates now as ASM Assembly Systems. With its SIPLACE machines and innovative manufacturing concepts, ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s leading manufacturer of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions. Since its beginnings in 1985, the company has installed almost 35,000 placement machines at over 3,500 customers all over the world. Electronics manufacturers in all industries such as telecommunications, automotive, IT, consumer electronics and automation use and depend on SIPLACE's broad portfolio of solutions and services.

For more information about ASM Assembly Systems (SIPLACE), please visit

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