Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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GOEPEL electronic extends Product Range with Boundary Scan I/O Module for 30 V
JENA, Germany -   GOEPEL electronic's SFX5212 I/O module for 30v
GOEPEL electronic introduces the SFX5212, another I/O module within the frame of the company’s Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX®.

The new SCANFLEX® module family member provides independently programmable I/O channels, and is able to process voltages up to 30 V. Additionally, it offers the well-proven VarioCore® technology for dynamic configuration of module-specific FPGA based functions. Utilizing the SFX5212 provides users the opportunity to increase test coverage for non-Boundary Scan circuits or peripheral signals with higher signal voltage by combining structural and functional test procedures on a single platform. In addition to increasing test quality, test costs can be reduced by saving separate process steps.

“The SFX5212 was specifically designed for testing industrial controls or automotive electronics, in which typically interfaces with higher voltage are integrated”, says Bettina Richter, Marketing Manager with GOEPEL electronic. “It combines a high fault coverage with variable functional scope, thus contributing to higher process efficiency for the users. At the same time, the new I/O module is an important cornerstone in systematically extending our SCANFLEX product portfolio.”

The SFX5212 provides 12 channels with a driver performance of up to 150 mA, independently programmable as input, output or tri-state. The I/O voltage may be programmed onboard or externally supplied.

The module is controlled TAP independent via the SCANFLEX® internal, parallel bus. If more channels are needed, several modules may be cascaded with no problem.

VarioCore® offers the opportunity to reconfigure the SFX5212 on IP basis for nearly unlimited functionality. This reconfiguration is executed dynamically in split seconds controlled by GOEPEL electronic‘s JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON™, whereby the number and sequence of reconfigurations are unlimited within a test run.

While the module acts statically in the Boundary Scan mode, supporting all procedures such as interconnection test or cluster test, the functional mode provides opportunities like protocol generator, data recorder or counter/timer, to name just a few.

SFX5212 is fully supported in the integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON™, incl. Automatic test program generation (ATPG), debugging and pin-failure diagnosis from version 4.6.1 on. It can be combined with all SCANFLEX® controllers and TAP transceivers. Furthermore, the module can be used with all additional test technologies such as Processor Emulation Test (PET) or Chip embedded Instruments within the framework of the pioneering Embedded System Access (ESA) philosophy.

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