Monday, May 21, 2018
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Techcon Releases New Quick Reference Valve Spare Part Guide
Line of valves in new catalog.
Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International, has released its new Quick Reference Valve Spare Part Guide. The guide includes part numbers, product descriptions, special instructions and diagrams for Techcon Systems' valves. The guide includes, but is not limited to, the following products: TS5322 Series Mini Spool Valve, TS5622VU-DVD Vertical Diaphragm Valve, TS5620 Series Horizontal Diaphragm Valve, TS5622 Series Vertical Diaphragm Valve, TS5520 Series Spray Valve, TS7000 Series IMP Rotary Valve and TS5000 Series Rotary Microvalve as well as the TS 1201 Pinch Tube Pen.

Techcon Systems offers dispensing valves from simple manual pinch tube designs to precision rotary auger valves. The comprehensive range ensures excellent accuracy over a range of material viscosities and shot sizes. Techcon also has a Valve Application Guide to assist in the selection of the correct valve series for any application.

Contact: Techcon Systems, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web: or

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