Friday, June 22, 2018
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ViTrox Intros High-Throughput AOI Solution
Next gen AOI system.
Penang, Malaysia — ViTrox Technologies is introducing the G2 Series of its V510 Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI) solution. The new generation V510 G2 Series AOI system offers greater performance for faster inspection with inspection speeds up to 55cm2/sec for post-reflow and 65cm2/sec for pre-reflow.

The system keeps a lid on operating costs with its low power consumption and a brilliant LED monitor display and improved ergonomic adjustments to increase viewing comfort (sit-stand operation). In addition, the new multi-shot imaging technology enables the system to capture up to 180 frames per second and the multi-core processing technology significantly shortens inspection time.

According to the company, the AOI system provides the ultimate synergy in inspection coverage, flexibility, support and programming methodology. The new system now offers an assortment of new features including Optical Color Inspection (OCI), Color Pattern Matching (CPM) and Network Offline Programming (NOLP), as well as enhanced features like Flexible Universal Fiducial, Pad Overhang Detection (VPOD), and Centralized Library Distribution (CLD) to further expand the test coverage and call accuracy of PCA inspection requirements. Ultimately, the system will evolve into a one-stop AOI inspection solution in early 2013 that will be able to support 3D, conformal coating and backplane connector inspection. These new features will be field upgradable on existing V510 AOI and Agilent SJ50 systems.

Contact: ViTrox USA, 1460 Koll Circle, Suite A, San Jose, CA 95112 970-481-3663 fax: 408-573-1079Web:

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