Friday, June 22, 2018
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Super Dry Launches Closed Loop Desiccant Cabinets
Closed-loop dry cabinets.
Austin, TX — Super Dry has launched a new series of maintenance-free, closed-loop desiccant dry units. Designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STD-033C (Components) and 1601 (Printed Circuit Boards) for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices, the new dry units incorporate molecular sieve desiccant technology and provide a variety of process, performance and environmental benefits.

The U5002 "Dynamic Series" Zeolite dryers provide powerful dehumidification, enabling a large 1400 liter cabinet to move from 50 percent RH to less than 5 percent in under 4 minutes. Optimal humidity levels achieved are below 0.5 percent RH with vapor content <0.05 grams/m3. This creates a moisture vacuum which not only exceeds 033C unlimited storage time specifications, but can reset component floor life even at ambient temperatures. Recovery time to set point after 30-second door openings is less than 4 minutes. The molecular sieve desiccant never needs replacement. In addition, U5002 Dry Units have been designed to regenerate only when necessary, based upon the operating load on the cabinet. If there are no door openings, the dry unit will not regenerate and therefore consumes less power. If frequent access to the cabinet is required, the dry unit will automatically regenerate more often, and the new high efficiency regeneration process takes less than 9 minutes. Deployed on HSD, MSD and XSD series Super Dry products, the integrated cabinet and dry unit design guarantees a quiet and maintenance-free operation in addition to automatic desiccant regeneration. Average power consumption is <30 Watt per hour, including low velocity, high volume air circulation providing a well balanced internal atmosphere.

For accelerated drying of components and PCBs without oxidation or inter-metallic buildups caused by traditional baking, XSD Series cabinets combine the ultra-low RH delivered by the U5000 with 25 to 60°C adjustable heaters. Their special, dual-wall insulated, dual glass enclosures control temperature to ±1°C, and eliminate heat conduction to the outside room while reducing total energy consumption.

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