Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Goepel Extends VarioTAP Emulation Test to Freescale QorIQ
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronics has released dedicated model libraries for the first Freescale QorIQ processors of the series 10xx, 20xx and 30xx to support the innovative emulation technology VarioTAP®. The libraries, described as VarioTAP models, are structured modularly as intelligent IP, enabling a complete fusion of Boundary Scan test and JTAG emulation. Employing this technology, users are able to verify and test their hardware without specific firmware as well as program Flash memories.

The QorIQ processors, based on Power Architecture® have an especially high energy efficiency combined with scalable performance. VarioTAP enables the reconfiguration of the integrated processor into a native design embedded test and programming controller. In addition to Boundary Scan (IEEE Std. 1149.x), the strategy called Processor Emulation Test (PET) is the newest cutting-edge method for Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies, enabling the functional at-speed test of all peripheral interfaces. The execution of customized IP is also easily achievable. The use of VarioTAP does not require expert background knowledge, additional development tools, processor-specific pods or any firmware, which makes handling easy and uncomplicated.

The new VarioTAP IP models are supported as standard beginning with Goepel's SYSTEM CASCON® version 4.6., and are activated by the license manager just like the system software.

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