Thursday, June 21, 2018
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ECD Releases New Thermal Profiling Software
Thermal profiling software.
Milwaukie, OR — ECD has released M.O.L.E.® MAP 3.00 (MAP 3.00) software designed to provide even greater levels of machine-assembly-process optimization. Function-rich and environment-adaptable, MAP 3.00 offers in-depth data and analysis capability within a highly versatile software platform that seamlessly integrates with all ECD profiling hardware.

MAP 3.00 allows engineering specialists to utilize ECD sensor inputs to ECD M.O.L.E. thermal profilers for operation within a special environment, which is attuned to the specific profiling job. The software switches from one application to the next, allowing effortless transitions between wave soldering and reflow processes. Other notable advantages of MAP 3.00 include: start wizards that provide step-by-step guidance for new process development, existing process adjustments, fast data downloads and process verification; simplified navigation and file sharing that enable quick links to previous sessions, multi-profile sharing through a bulk import feature and quick report distribution via PDF or e-mail; Target-10 functionality that provides "go/no-go" result indication, intuitive data interpretation and deep drill-down data for masterful engineering analysis; environment user-selectable M.O.L.E. and RIDER pairings that separate one profiling data acquisition activity from another for environment- and application-specific information.
Contact: ECD, 4287-B S.E. International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222-8825 503-659-6100 E-mail: Web:

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