Saturday, June 23, 2018
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DB Design Intros IC Test Handler
Automatic chip test handler.
Fremont, CA — DB Design has introduced the ATOM IC Test Handler, a next-generation robotic handling platform designed as a cost-effective alternative to hand testing in development and low-volume environments. The company leveraged its knowledge of change kits and associated test hardware along with significant customer input to arrive at the final design.

The new unit is a small-footprint, automated device handler geared toward small-run engineering, qualification, and characterization processes. It will allow automated test to be performed at a fraction of the cost of production SLT handlers, offers single or tri-temp capabilities and can be purchased directly from the company or through authorized representatives

According to the company, the product fills a void in the automated test handler product universe. It is not intended for production but instead is oriented towards test engineering professionals and their need for small-scale automation during the development process. Data shows that replacing hand test with reliable and easy-to-use automation will free up valuable engineering and technical personnel to perform other functions, making more efficient use of their time,

ATOM IC fills the void in product offerings between hand-test and most automated test handler solutions which are intended for higher throughput and faster index times. The system measures 33 x 26-in. (838 x 660mm) and weighs in at less than 80 pounds (36 kilos) making it small enough to fit on a test bench, or over most ATE test heads. There are up to two standard binning options and throughput is up to 500UPH.

Contact: DB Design, 48507 Milmont Drive, Fremont, CA 94538 408-834-1400 Web:

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