Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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UVAX Concepts Chooses SIPLACE SX for Flexibility
Flanking new SIPLACE SX machine at UVAX (left to right) Mr. Fran, UVAX engineer, Mrs. Fina Ambois, UVAX COO, Mr. Jorge Marco, UVAX engineer, and Mr. Agustin Escaris, SIPLACE service engineer.
Valencia, Spain — In order to answer to the most challenging and diverse customer requests, EMS supplier UVAX focuses heavily on flexibility in its production capacity and demand response. When looking for a new placement platform, precision and a large placement range were two main requirements. The company wanted to be able to place various different components without any difficulties or delays and without having to manually change placement heads during production.

UVAX decided on the SIPLACE SX platform, a machine that meets all of these requirements. The SIPLACE MultiStar can switch between three different placement modes — collect and place, pick-and-place and a special mixed mode — and is able to place components from 01005 to 40 x 50mm in size. This made it the perfect fit for UVAX Concepts.

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