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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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KIC: New Generation Intelligent Profiler
Next gen thermal profiler.
San Diego, CA — KIC is introducing its new X5 Profiler, redefining what a data intelligence profiler can and should do. As opposed to the low-cost data acquisition profilers that focus purely on recording a product profile, a data intelligence profiler takes the additional active role of suggesting new oven setup in order to optimize the thermal process.

The X5 ships standard with process optimization software that enables users to improve their process along three dimensions: positioning the profile in the center of the process window; maximizing conveyor speed; reducing the oven's electricity use while running a deep in-spec process.

The process optimization software verifies millions of alternative oven setups and automatically selects the optimum recipe within a few seconds. While the thermal process is inherently dynamic due to the natural drift in the process, a profiler displays a static "snapshot" of the process every time a new profile is run. For this reason, the X5 comes standard with a basic SPC package.

Every time a new profile is run, the profile data are added to an SPC chart, which includes Cpk numbers, in order to better display changes in the profiles over time. Such information is invaluable in detecting trends and volatility that notify users of possible future problems. Users can potentially decide to adjust the process prior to any out-of-spec situation should the SPC charts reveal such a likely output.

The new X5 Profiler is not only about the software. The hardware has to endure thousands of extreme thermal cycles, sometimes in ovens with voltage spikes on the conveyor, and frequently in harsh environments with rough handling. The X5 is designed to last in such conditions.

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