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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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AAT's New In-Line Cleaner Breaks Performance Records
Environmentally friendly in-line cleaning system.
Burnet, TX — Austin American's new Nanojetis described as the world's smallest, most powerful in-line cleaner. The unit occupies a very small footprint — 6 x 44-in. (152mm x 1.1m); yet it outperforms much larger cleaners, with a <3 minute cycle time including full chemistry wash, isolation, rinse, final rinse and dry.

In the NanoJet, AAT has combined high-performance and advanced, high efficiency cleaning and drying capabilities including PED Wash Technology, ISO and Power Rinsing; and the industry's only patented (Displacement) Jet Dryer.

The NanoJet is completely closed-loop, for maximum chemistry recovery, minimized rinse water consumption, and substantial operational cost savings. Nanojet combines high performance with low cost of ownership, and higher productivity; cycle times tested for processing circuit boards completely washed, rinsed, and dried range from under 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

High-performance cleaning is assured through the Nanojet's unique AAT-engineered features, including Coherent Jets, Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) — a new system that involves a manifold design with increasing energy at each manifold — and vectored jets or fan sprays depending on the cleaning application.

High throughput is assured through faster and better drying by using displacement drying vs. slower evaporative drying with air knives and higher electrical costs. And, the Nanojet is a "green" efficient closed-loop system that uses minimal amounts of water and chemistry, incorporating closed-loop washing and rinsing. This configuration saves chemistry costs, increases DI and carbon bed life, saves water, and saves money and operating costs while at the same time saving the environment.

Overall, the cleaning system is designed to maximize performance while minimizing operating costs. This makes Nanojet a powerful cleaning system that saves space, is environmentally responsible, and has a very low cost of ownership.

Thoughtfully-designed access makes the Nanojet easy to maintain and service, and the system can be upgraded in the field.

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