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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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ACE Launches Selective Soldering Development Lab
Selective soldering system in development lab.
Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies has opened a new Selective Soldering Process Development Lab at the company's Spokane Valley headquarters. The new lab will assist customers and prospective customers in establishing optimized selective soldering processes for their circuit assemblies.

ACE is recognized as a leading authority in the process of selective soldering, and hosts educational workshops at its facility from time to time to teach process engineers the science of the process. According to the company, it has been increasingly involved in process development and helping friends and customers solve thorny process issues. As a result, it has expanded its laboratory, set up with a complete range of selective soldering systems, preheaters, fluxers, and diagnostic instruments including the MUST III Wetting Balance Tester from Gen3 Systems.

The company also has X-ray equipment and other associated diagnostic resources that can be used to help customers develop optimized processes for optimum throughput, yields, consistent quality, and consistent profitability. In addition, the company has its automated LTS Lead tinning System, and manual MLTS, which are also part of its process development toolbox.

Contact:ACE Production Technologies, 3010 N. Industrial Park, First Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 509-924-4898 fax: 509-533-1299 E-mail: Web:

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