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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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Full-Graphic Module with Touch Screen from EA
Gilching, Germany — The EA DIP180B-5NLWTP display module from Electronic Assembly has been designed to be compatible with many applications that range from industrial control to the medical sectors. When equipped with an analog-resistive touch panel, information display applications display can be combined in a single unit.

The unit is a full graphic display with a resolution of 180 x 32 pixels; alphanumeric characters are displayed as graphics. Three integrated controllers of type PT6520 are used to control the left, center and right sections of the display. A white LED backlight ensures crystal-clear display of information and exceptional readability.

The touch panel is linked to an external touch pad controller, or a controller with analog inputs.

The panel operates similarly to that of a potentiometer. When a specific voltage is applied to the "Top-Bottom" input of the controller, a voltage proportionate to the Y-position of the point of contact is set at the "Left-Right" signal pins. The position of the point of contact in the X-axis is determined in the same way and a voltage is applied to the "Left-Right" pins. The output voltage that is then set at the "Top-Bottom" pins indicates the horizontal position of the point of contact.

The module provides a high level of contrast and fast response times through the use of an LCD supertwist display. The modules have automatic temperature compensation, which eliminates the need to adjust the contrast during operation. The display is certified for operation between -20 and +70°C, making it suitable for many applications in industrial and medical environments.

Contact: Electronic Assembly GmbH Zeppelinstr. 19 D-82205 Gilching, Germany +49-8105-77 80 90 fax: +49-8105-77 80 99 E-Mail: Web:

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