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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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New Gen Confocal Microscope from FRT
Microscopic measuring system.
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany — Fries Research & Technology (FRT) has introduced the next generation of the MicroSpy Topo DT, a confocal microscope and a white light interferometer. The surface measuring device combines two measuring technologies in a new, considerably more compact design. Using the MicroSpy Topo DT, both flat and structured test pieces which are either weakly or highly reflective can be characterized in the same manner in a few seconds, non-destructively, and without making physical contact.

The optical measuring device images roughness, contour and 3D topography with micro-resolution and nanometer resolution. It has applications both in R&D as well as product development and production control.

The new instrument provides a wide adjustment range of 50mm in height and a sample area of 100 x 100mm. Its rotating turret makes it possible to rapidly switch between different lenses with different magnifications.

The turret can be equipped with up to six lenses at the same time, for a high level of flexibility. Thus structures in the sub-nanometer range can be characterized with high lateral resolution. Flat test piece surfaces such as lenses, glass or wafers can be measured in white light interferometer mode. More markedly structured surfaces can be analyzed in confocal mode.

The image analysis software delivered with the instrument allows analysis of the measurement results for geometry, roughness and evenness characteristics. Large test pieces can also be precisely measured.

In the standard configuration, the multipurpose instrument for laboratory and production is supplied with two lenses, a tilting table and active vibration damping, at an economical price.
Contact: FRT of America LLC, 1101 South Winchester Blvd., Suite L-240, San Jose, CA 95128 408-261-2632 fax: 408-261-1173 Web: or

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