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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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PCB Adapter for EAO Emergency-Stop Button
Switch adapters reduce behind-panel depth.
Milford, CT — EAO Corporation has introduced a new PCB adapter for the Series 84 Emergency-stop button. This adapter now increases already present end-user benefits by allowing the Series 84 Emergency-stop and Stop Switches to be mounted directly on the same circuit board as other Series 84 PCB products — a sometimes previously difficult industry task due to different behind-panel mounting depths.

Product designers will find the adapter especially beneficial when accommodating restrictive design scenarios. With a maximum panel depth of just 18mm, limited behind-panel space applications such as hand-held pendants and compact control devices can now incorporate both products on a singular PCB.

The Series 84 PCB range comprises 22.5mm, PCB-mount switches, including an inventive programmable pushbutton with multi-colored animated "halo" illumination. This EAO product range offers new possibilities for creating more innovative, reliable and intuitive control panels. Multi-function capabilities within single switching units increase cost effectiveness while minimizing ever decreasing panel real estate as found in the miniaturization of Human Machine Interface controls.

The products are typically used for machinery, automation and process control equipment, public information, access control, as well as medical and instrumentation devices.

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