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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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Bud Intros Case for Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
Case for Raspberry Pi computer.
Cleveland, OH — New from Bud Industries is an affordable case for the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card size microcomputer created to help kids learn programming. Made of two identical halves that fit together, the Bud "Pi Sandwich" case has windows on four sides, allowing easy access to ports for keyboard, TV/video, audio, USB, and LAN connections that need to be accessible when the case is closed.

Unlike other cases, the Bud case has a patented design in which the windows are oversized to accommodate future versions of the Raspberry Pi board if port locations change or if new ports are added. Without cutting holes in the case, users can use flat cable connectors to attach an LCD screen or keyboard and use I/O ports for various applications, such as sending power or commands to a DC motor, another computer, or a robot.

Constructed of transparent, friendly raspberry-colored ABS plastic, the case is impact resistant and enables curious students and hobbyists to see the components and indicator lights clearly. The printed circuit board easily snaps into place, and the board is held securely so users will not make accidental contact with the base of the circuit board when the user attaches cables.

The compact enclosure measures 5.12 x 3.35 x 2.52-in. (130 x 85 x 64mm). It contains enough space to mount a battery compartment and gives the option of mounting a second board, because the top and bottom of the case are identical. No hardware is required for assembly.

Case windows have built-in slots to accept user-supplied cover panels. An optional silicone band is in development that will cover windows and allow users to easily create custom cutouts.

According to the company, the Pi Sandwich is suitable for users who will frequently connect and disconnect from the PCB ports, because it holds the board securely and offers easy port access. In addition, the case can be reused even if future versions of the Raspberry Pi board have a different configuration.

Contact: Bud Industries, Inc., 4605 E. 355th St., Willoughby, OH 44094 440-946-3200 fax: 440-951-4015 E-mail: Web:

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