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Publication Date: 08/1/2012
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Bridgeport Intros EMI/RFI Shielding Tape
Flat shielding tape and conductive windings.
Shelton, CT — Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. has developed a new manufacturing process for its Laminax product line of partially and fully enclosed EMI/RFI Shielding Tapes and Flat Conductor Windings. Unlike other brands, the Laminax metal foil or strip is bonded with its dielectric material without adhesive. Laminax is halogen-free and RoHS-compliant.

Applications include RFI/EMI shielding and grounding and electrostatic shielding in transformers and inductors. The Laminax can also be used as winding conductors in electrical coils when the smallest possible overall dimensions of the final product are of paramount importance.

With no adhesive layer, Laminax offers three advantages over its competition. For a given dielectric strength, the Laminax shielding tape can include a thicker conductor material and still be thinner overall. Lead wires can be soldered cleanly to the base metal right through the insulation film with no need to remove insulating film and adhesive layers. And, customers' cutters and taping machines never "gum up" with particles of pressure-sensitive adhesive. Laminax tape and conductors are available in three standard widths, five standard thicknesses and in three different dielectric films — Polyester, Polyimide and Aramid Paper. Depending on the specific application, Laminax is available in five different bonding methods. Although copper Alloy 110 (ASTM B248) is the most commonly used metal, aluminum and ferromagnetic metals are available options as well as custom dimensions.

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