Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Serbian company installs first JUKI GKG printer in Europe
BELGRADE, Serbia - 
EUROSAX, a company based in Belgrade, Serbia, has just started to print boards with a GKG model GL printer from JUKI. According to Mr. Ivanovic’s statement (company owner and manager) the printer’s efficiency is rated extremely good.

JUKI recently expanded its product portfolio with stencil printers and successfully installed the first printer (model GS) for EUROSAX in Serbia.
"Making a direct comparison with the previous printer from a European premium manufacturer, the GL printer from GKG is clearly better. The main improvements are quick changeovers and the setup for new products”, says Mr. Ivanovic, owner and manager of EUROSAX. He is also satisfied with the long term stability of the camera calibration. “In this regard, the prior printer held certain problems”, he added.

Besides the new GKG printer, EUROSAX owns seven JUKI assembly systems. Mr. Ivanovic reportedly is very content with the simple maintenance and the low error rate of these supremely reliable machines.
“EUROSAX has never ever needed a technician”, says Mr. Ivanovic. “To date we have been able to solve the very few and minor problems we have had by ourselves.”
The good experiences with JUKI helped EUROSAX to decide in favor of a JUKI GKG stencil printer. The excellent price-performance ratio had also been a critical fsactor in the selection. The JUKI GKG printer is equipped in series with a lot of features. A three-year spare part warranty was also a convincing factor.
With a staff of 15 employees EUROSAX trades measuring instruments and produces checking devices for Ericsson (Sweden). Mr. Invanovic credits JUKI machines for his company being able to meet the very high quality demands of Ericsson. This has caused him to consider expanding his product line. EUROSAX is currently completing a new building for development and production and will have all of the necessary infrastructure in place soon and expects to invest in more JUKI machines.

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