Sunday, June 17, 2018
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SPIRIG at DEX Internat. Electronic Exhibition / SHENZHEN 2012 / July 18 -20 /Hall 7 Booth 9H08
RAPPERSWIL, Switzerland -  Enlarge
Spirig Switzerland will demo the newest development in automated HiSpeed Soldering on Crimp-Wire joints
->to increase the wire<->crimp pull strength by minimum 100% and
->to seal the electric wire-crimp connection against long term corrosion, in winter corrosion of electric joints by salty water sprays used to fight ice growth on roads.
Can you automatically solder such tiny crimps as shown on attached image?

Probably not, then you probably may want to take a look at our booth at DEX
Shenzhen or
check-out our video application clips:
or request more information:

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