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Machine Vision Products Demonstrates Diverse Inspection Toolbox for Microelectronics and Packaging on the Ultra 850G AOI at Semicon West 2012
Machine Vision Products has announced it will be demonstrating the diverse inspection toolbox of the Ultra 850G Microelectronics and Packaging AOI solution at the Semicon West 2012 exhibition. The exhibition is at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 10-12 2012. Machine Vision Products are exhibiting at booth #6383 in the North Hall.

With sales of over 180 Ultra 850G systems MVP has asserted its position as a total solutions provider.
In 2012 MVP has pushed the boundaries of performance, speed and ease of use to a new level on the 850G platform by introducing new hardware such as faster multiprocessor technology, new higher resolution cameras, new lighting and wizard driven database development.

The 850G is flexible within multiple locations of microelectronics and packaging lines. For Lead Frame processes the Ultra 850G can be placed Post Die Bonder, Post Wire Bonder or Post Solder Ball Attach. Within Flip Chip processes the 850G can be positioned Post Wafer Bumping, Post Die Placement, Post Underfill and Post Final Packaging. With resolution and repeatability a critical factor, the Ultra 850G can be configured to provide a 1um pixel size.
The 850G can be configured for Lot Solutions including Magazine Lifters/Indexers, Jedec Trays, Waffle Packs, and Auer Boats. MVP’s inline solutions allow for both single and dual lane processing, strip handling and in-line wafer handing. MVP also provide custom handling solutions.

In addition the Ultra 850G can be configured with post processing tools, including physical defect identification/sorting modules, customizable to customer requirements.
The Ultra 850G integrates MVP’s easy-to-use programming tools and analytical process control tools in this platform. This convergence of technology from Machine Vision Products, Inc. delivers the best available combination of defect detection capabilities, metrology for process control and inspection throughput at a low cost of ownership.
Dr George T. Ayoub remarked “MVP is now providing support for wire bond inspection in two different markets:
• The multi chip module market characterized by high number of wire bond interconnect and complex assembly, and
• The High volume (HVM) market of lead frame wire bond/epoxy and chip inspection typically used in automotive and consumer electronics.
With specialized material handling and tools MVP can typically inspect with a UPH reaching up to 20000 depending on the density of the components in a lead frame strip.
The high speed, high inspection quality solution provided by MVP puts it as a leader in these markets, that was, until recently, very dependent on manual inspection”
MVP continues to lead the global inspection arena by developing all of their product offerings. This provides a much better cost structure to the end user. Additionally, because all development is performed in-house, the support structure is second to none. With over 18 years of leadership, MVP is taking multiple steps to continue to provide the overall lowest cost of ownership when compare to any competitor globally.
For additional information on this unique solution, please visit or booth #6383 at Semicon
West 2012.
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