Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Helukabel: Enhanced Industrial Control Cables
Industrial control cable.
Elgin, IL — According to Helukabel® USA, its enhanced JZ 603 and JZ 603-CY Control Cables have received regulatory approval for use in equipment manufactured for export to China and Russia. These additional approvals now allow equipment manufacturers to reduce costs by keeping only one cable in stock to produce equipment for use in the United States, Europe, Canada, China and Russia. Multinorm, or multi-approval, control cables are used in nearly all machines, plants and devices intended for export. The company's JZ 603 and JZ 603-CY are the first control cables to receive five global certifications: UL (US), HAR (Europe), CSA (Canada), CCC (China) and GOST-R (Russia).

Oil-resistant and flame-retardant, the JZ 603 and JZ 603-CY Control Cables are suitable for medium mechanical stresses with free movements in dry, damp, or wet indoor environments. Combining cable performance with multiple approvals makes these control cables the cable of choice for manufacturers who export machinery, control systems, assembly lines, and other industrial equipment to companies around the world.

Contact: Helukabel® USA, 1355 Bowes Rd., Unit C, Elgin, IL 60123 877-910-2094 or 847-930-5118 fax: 847-622-8766 E-mail: Web:

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