Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Now Offers Resinlab's EP1310
Glasgow, Scotland — Ellsworth Adhesives now stocks ResinLab EP1310, a two-part, medium reactivity epoxy encapsulant capable of being quickly gelled prior to full cure by exposing to a UV light source. Usually 5 to 10 seconds is sufficient to gel the top layer of the product. Full cure will occur over time at room temperature even in shadow areas. Due to the acrylate reaction, the catalyzed resin warms slightly to about 32°C almost instantaneously.

This unusual system, a 2-part clear epoxy encapsulant that has a UV gel stage, can be processed very quickly. The 2 parts are 1:1 by volume ratio making EP1310 suitable for side-by-side cartridge dispensing. Having good optical clarity is another excellent feature, making EP1310 suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

Contact: Ellsworth Adhesives, W129 N10825 Washington Dr., Germantown, WI 53022 800-888-0698 or 262-253-8600 fax: 262-253-8619 Web: or or

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