Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Techcon Mixer Selected by Major Aerospace Manufacturer
Fluid mixing/dispensing system.
Garden Grove, CA — After a thorough evaluation process, the TS6500CIM Techkit Mixer from Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International, has been approved by a leading U.S. aerospace manufacturer to replace its existing competitor unit.

The new mixer was chosen for its integral hardener injection system and programmable logic controller (PLC) as well as its ability to provide consistent, repeatable mixing profiles. Compared to previous systems, the TS6500CIM offers a reduced footprint and ergonomic improvement. In addition, the mixer enables the company to accommodate larger-sized kits.

"This approval will allow Techcon Systems to become a valuable resource to the aerospace industry in providing cost-effective mixing solutions for plurals component material," commented Can La, Product Manager, of Techcon's Industrial Products Division. The mixer applies the correct amount of pressure on the rear of the cartridge plunger to prevent air from entering the cartridge during the mixing process. The adjustable automatic injection rod, which is used for injection Techkits, coupled with automatic precision level sensing offers an improved mix consistency, resulting in higher yields and lower rejects.

A representative from the aerospace manufacturer commented about the recent decision to replace the existing competitor unit with the TS6500CIM. "The TS6500CIM has been found to be a great investment. Operators can rely on the programmable Logic Controller to correctly and repeatedly mix kits, saving time, reducing waste from incorrect mixing and reducing operator fatigue. The robust design is found to be reliable, affording increased protection to the operator during operation when compared to the old mixers in use."

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