Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Huntron Teams Complementary Technologies with TEGAM and ZTEC
Mill Creek, WA — Huntron, TEGAM and ZTEC Instruments are now working as technology partners to offer hardware and software solutions that help their customers meet test and measurements needs. Enhanced automated testing capabilities are now possible by combining solutions from Huntron, TEGAM and ZTEC Instruments. Huntron recently completed custom automation integration utilizing the Access DH dual-head Prober. One such integration uses an Access DH to pick-and-place very small components into a large fixture array. The vacuum-based integration was built to replace the manual process which would ordinarily take many hours.

If it is necessary to test the board without power applied due to uncertainty as to the nature of the failure, the system permits power-off testing. It will also accurately measure voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, inductance and differential measurements between two points on a printed circuit assembly. The system also provides debug, fault injection, electrical transient monitoring and sustained engineering applications. The probes can function as independent cells to increase test coverage of interconnects and clusters of logic, and memories for boundary scan. In guided probe measurements, the system maintains minimum impact on circuit operation, adequate signal fidelity, especially for high-density surface mount technology. Passive, active, differential, logic and current probes can be mounted. Also, fixed multiple probe arrays can be added to access a number of points at one time.

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