Saturday, May 26, 2018
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ECM Intros Spot Curing Conductive Adhesive
Applying conductive adhesive.
Delaware, OH — New from Engineered Conductive Materials, LLC is its fast-curing conductive adhesive DB-1590 for use as a solder replacement in next-generation crystalline silicon solar modules using thinned silicon and/or plated bus bars. This material formulation has been optimized for excellent conductivity and stability on various substrates when cured at 200°C.

DB-1590 is designed to gel in five seconds or less at 200°C, developing sufficient strength to withstand the applied stresses induced by the manufacturing process until the adhesive cure is completed during the encapsulant lamination process. The new material has optimized rheology for dispensing, excellent damp heat resistance and conductivity stability on tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons. It is stable on OSP-treated copper and nickel bus bars. The material has a rubber-like flexibility that is especially suitable for flexible photovoltaic applications.

Contact: Engineered Material Systems, Inc., 132 Johnson Dr., Delaware, OH 43015 740-362-4444 fax: 740-362-4433 Web:

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