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Publication Date: 07/1/2012
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NKK Intros LCD Programmable Pushbuttons
Switches with LED graphics.
Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has enhanced the design of its SmartSwitch LCD product line to provide the largest viewing area to cap size in the industry.

The wider screen LCD SmartSwitch devices are available for both 64 x 32 and 36 x 24 resolutions.

The 64 x 32 high resolution programmable pushbutton switches with RGB LED backlighting operates commands supplied via the SPI communications protocol. The devices have a programmable and changeable LCD module with 64 backlit colors that displays graphics, alphanumeric characters or animated sequences, including four lines of text with as many as ten characters per line.

Offering total flexibility, the 36 x 24 resolution switches can be specified in single, bicolor or RGB. With high quality LEDs for superior color matching, the SmartSwitch enables design engineers to create customized control panels with specific colors, including RGB white.

The high resolution LCD programmable switches and displays are suited for a wide variety of applications requiring a graphical user interface or real-time sequencing. These switches provide design engineers a special kind of programmable human interface that simplifies how users interact with machines — particularly in fast-paced environments such as broadcast equipment or medical devices.

According to the company, with epoxy sealed straight PC terminals that prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants, the devices are highly reliable and provide a long life of a minimum one million actuations.

Contact: NKK Switches, 7850 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-991-0942 fax: 480-998-1435 Web:

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