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Publication Date: 07/1/2012
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Autosplice Offers Turnkey Using Fancort Presses
Turnkey solutions from Autosplice/Fancort.
San Diego, CA — Autosplice has entered into a new agreement with Fancort Industries, Inc. to jointly offer Fancort's press systems and fixtures for use with Autosplice's compliant solderless interconnect products. This agreement further expands the wide range of turnkey assembly solutions available for the company's extensive family of interconnect products.

The Fancort systems offered range from manual to fully automatic computer-controlled presses and include: the model 3300 manual press; BP-500-4 and BP-1000 "C" frame air presses; model 5000L air press; ElectroPress programmable servomotor electronic press (insertion force signature profile and SPC capable).

The turnkey solutions approach includes the ability to create custom tooling fixtures to accommodate specific PCB layouts, sizes and different compliant pin configurations, including board-to-board pressing on a discrete double compliant header.

The Fancort presses can be adapted for use with a variety of pin configurations from Autosplice. The primary product is Autoheader, which can be supplied in continuous reels or cut to specified lengths. Autoheader terminals range from 0.64mm square pins up to 6.35mm tabs using the company's eye-of-the-needle compliant board interface. The turnkey system approach can also support custom compliant board-to-board interconnects, discrete tabs and terminals.

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