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Publication Date: 07/1/2012
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Henkel Chipbonder for Non-Contact Dispensing
Chipbonder adhesive under small chips.
Irvine, CA — Henkel's expansive portfolio of Chipbonder brand adhesives SMAs is LOCTITE 3621, which has been validated for use with non-contact dispensing — often referred to as jetting — technologies. This capability makes the SMA even better for high-volume production environments.

The majority of SMAs are needle-dispensed which, although adequate for many applications, does have limitations in terms of speed, as well as dot shape and size. LOCTITE 3621's unusual rheology makes it well-suited for non-contact dispensing processes, which helps alleviate some of the drawbacks with traditional needle dispensing. Using this product, non-contact dispense speed is nearly four times faster as compared to needle dispense techniques. With a small dot size — 350µ (0.014-in. — and larger), dots per hour (DPH) of up to 40,000 can be achieved with non-contact dispensing as compared to an average of 10,000 DPH with alternative methods. In addition to its sheer speed advantage, the non-contact dispensing SMA also provides for more uniform dot dimensions and volume repeatability. Needle dispense techniques are often prone to tailing or stringing, which can result in contamination of the solder pads and, ultimately, a poor interconnect. The non-contact dispensed material eliminates this concern, as there is no tailing or stringing, dot dimensions are more spherical and dot-to-dot consistency is far better as compared to alternative deposition methods. Other notable advantages include the material's lead-free wave compatibility, excellent green (wet) strength, fast cure capability of 120 seconds at 150°C and long shelf life of one month at room temperature and ten months under refrigerated storage conditions.

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