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Publication Date: 07/1/2012
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ECT Debuts New HyperCore Base Material
High-performance production contact.
Pomona, CA — Everett Charles Technologies (ECT), a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, is highlighting the new HyperCore, a proprietary base material developed for the highly scalable, fine-pitch ZIP® architecture. The HyperCore material provides a high hardness of approximately 600 Knoop, and offers excellent conductivity and minimal oxidation. In addition, the material is as hard as high carbon steel yet 30 percent more conductive. HyperCore requires no precious metal plating system. This new non-plated homogenous material resists deformation and cleaning wear, and is available on all ZIP products.

The company is also showing its expanded line of semiconductor products including ZIP and Bantam® contacts. ZIP's extreme scalability and broad application solutions include: ZIP Z1 and Z2 — high performance production contacts that service standard and high-speed applications in 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and 0.8mm pitches; ZIP SCRUB® — the ZIP SCRUB pin provides a patented scrub-action. Designs for leaded, pad and BGA applications provide a self cleaning penetrating motion every compression which extends the mean time between cleaning cycles.

ZIP KELVIN — is suitable for voltage-sensitive device tests on array or peripheral devices requiring sub-1 ohm resistance measurements typical in RDSON and high-power applications. ZIP SUPER SHORT is designed for 0.5nH low impedance, high frequency testing.

ZIP Long-Travel lines enable quick-turn customization of travel and OAL up to 6.7mm. The Z3 line was developed for applications where contacting large devices and strip packages requires a high degree of compliance.

The Z8 is designed for burn-in applications. It combines the performance features of standard ZIP architecture with a burn-in price point. The Z8 has the same form factor as the Z1 and Z2 lines so migration from lab characterization to high volume production is seamless.

The ZIP patented 2-D design uses planar contact surfaces fabricated by a special manufacturing process, delivering maximum performance and cost advantages. The ZIP Series is designed to meet today's demanding test requirements and economics.

Contact: Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA 91767 909-625-5551 fax: 909-624-9746 Web:

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