Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Colonial Circuits Acquires the New Chemcut Etcher and Developer
Mark Osborn, President and Owner of Colonial Circuits announced recently that his company has acquired and installed Chemcut’s SA2330D Developer and SA2320 Alkaline Etcher in their facility as part of their on-going initiative to upgrade their facility to handler HDI and Micro via technologies.

Osborn has this so say about making the decision to buy Chemcut’s products. “Look, when it comes to etchers and developers, there are a number of choices on the market at this time. But after careful study we felt that choosing to go with Chemcut was the best decision we could make. They not only make an excellent product, but their service is outstanding as well. I have to admit that we also like working with their team as well. Chemcut is a good company to do business with.”

“Another reason,” Osborn continued, “is that Chemcut is an American company building products right here in the U.S. It is important to us as we develop our initiative to buy American whenever possible; because it we feel that as an American company building product for American companies it is the right thing to do.”

Colonial Circuits provides circuit boards fabricated with a wide range of microwave materials including metal backed PTFE composites, thermal and electrically conductive adhesives and laser sculpting/profiling. It is a USA based company, experienced in Military, Medical and Telecommunications industries; Colonial approvals include Mil-PRF-31032, Mil-P-50884, Mil-P-55110 and ITAR. They do everything from prototype to medium volume, with deliveries in as little as 8 hours Colonial Circuits offers a very wide range of technologies including Flex and Rigid Flex, HDI, Blind/Buried vias, laser drilling, micro filled vias, controlled depth drill/rout, sequential laminations, hybrid-constructions/mixed laminates and heavy copper circuitry.

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