Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Murrietta Circuits Invests in New Plating facility
Albert Murrietta VP of Manufacturing and co- owner of Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company has invested significantly in their fabrication facility. They have installed a new IPS (Integrated Process Systems) plating line including DC Tanks as well as Pulse Plating Tanks with rectifiers from Baker Technology. This system will allow them to do high aspect ratio plating up to 15-1. They also purchased a new Plasma Etch System (MKII) for Etch-back and de-smear, and a Chemcut High Pressure Deburr machine. In this upgrade, Murrietta also set up an entirely new Waste Treatment System including fume scrubbers to satisfy the local County Sanitation and Air Quality Management Districts.

Mr. Murrietta said about these investments, “This has been a long time coming. In the past we have been focused on our assembly operations which is a significant part of our Integrated Solutions offering, in fact our assembly business has grown by 450% in recent years. So now it was time to beef up our fabrication facility. With the investment in a new plating line and other equipment we now are able to handle all of our customers’ needs including Military and Aerospace as well as high tech commercial work, giving us a true Integrated Solutions (design, fabrication and assembly) offering.”

Added Ray Young, Murrietta Fabrication facility General Manager, “This is now one of the finest manufacturing facilities that I have ever worked in, it is very well designed and equipped so that we can provide our customers with everything they need for their individual PCB needs as well as their complete Integrated Solutions needs.”

About Murrietta Circuits

Murrietta Circuits is a high reliability, turnkey supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services. The company was founded in 1980 and specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly and testing of circuit boards, with today's most challenging technologies and applications. The unique feature of our company is that we perform all these services under one roof, with one management team, one quality system, one MIS system, and one goal:

"We will consistently deliver quality products on time with the highest customer service, while continually improving our processes."

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