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Package on Package Design and Assembly Center

SMTA International October 16 - 17th 2012, Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, FL

SMTA is pleased to announce that the "Package on Package Design and Assembly Center" will be coming to SMTA International in Florida. This continues the success of this practical process feature recently held in Europe and supported by SMTA.

The POP Center is being organized by Bob Willis and the SMTA Team to provide practical support to visitors looking to introduce this new technology. Participation is open to existing SMTA International exhibitors who would like to support the feature with materials or equipment listed below. Participation is on first come basis, based on the technical requirements for the feature and payment of registration fee to the SMTA. The center will be sponsored by one of the leading industry magazines, to ensure the highest profile for partners along with a preshow webinar on POP technology.

· Printer or paste jetting system
· Stencil supplier
· Paste supplier
· Flux supplier
· Placement system
· Vapor phase reflow
· Temperature profiler
· Optical inspection
· X-ray inspection
· Rework equipment
· PCB supplier
· Component supplier

What is The Cost of Participation?
To become a partner and book your place in the POP Center email your completed form with the following details to The cost to each partner is $1,000. Payment must be included with registration to hold you position. Participating companies are responsible for the cost of their own electric, water, air, etc and any transportation/lifting equipment at the show.

Primary Contact: ______________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
Secondary Contact: _________­­­_____________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
Company Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: __________­­___________________________________________________________
City/State____________________________________________ Zip Code: ____________________
Telephone: __________________________________Fax:_______________________________
Web Site: _____________________________________________________________________
Equipment/Materials: ____________________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: __________________________________Expires: ____________________
SMTA accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Plan now to join us for SMTA International
October 14 - 18, 2012, Orlando, Florida

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