Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Multi-function JTAG Module Addresses Analogue Testing JTAG Technologies launches the JT 2149/DAF I/O module for digital and analogue measurement
EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands - 
JTAG Technologies, a leading world-wide provider of JTAG/boundary-scan products for electronics test and debug, has introduced the JT 2149/DAF, a compact, mixed-signal (Digital/Analogue/Frequency) measurement module. The JT 2149/DAF is the first unit of its type to offer both digital and analogue test access to PCBs via JTAG Technologies’ widely-used QuadPod signal conditioning interface.

The JT 2149/DAF module has been designed to slot into JTAG Technologies’ regular QuadPod™ transceiver system as used by the renowned DataBlaster series of boundary-scan/JTAG controller hardware. When connected to a circuit board via edge connector or test fixture/jig test pins the module enhances standard digital boundary-scan tests by enabling a series of analogue and frequency measurements to be made.

Capabilities of the JT 2149/DAF module include 16 dual-purpose digital pins capable of digital I/O stimulus and response at voltages of 1.0 to 3.6V plus frequency measurements of up to 128MHz on any pin. 12 additional analogue measurement channels can capture values from 0 to 33V with better than 10mV resolution. One further channel is available as a clock generator, programmable up to 64MHz.

Peter van den Eijnden, JTAG Technologies’ Managing Director, comments: “The JT 2149/DAF Test Module provides a host of features in a very compact format, ideal for system builders looking to add analogue capabilities into a JTAG/boundary-scan test system. Quite often test engineers wish to check out some circuit fundamentals, such as voltage rails and clock frequencies, before undertaking more stringent boundary-scan based structural and functional tests. The JT 2149/DAF is perfect for this application and helps the system builder who might ordinarily use an extra piece of test equipment.”

The JT 2149/DAF can be controlled through an interactive panel (virtual instrument) within JTAG ProVision as well as through Python™ scripts. A full Python API is included as part of JTAG Technologies current ProVision releases.

The modules are available immediately from JTAG’s local sales offices and approved network of distributors.
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