Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Major US Programming Center Purchases Its Third 3800 Automated System from BPM Microsystems
BPM Microsystems announces that A&J Programming, a leader in device programming services throughout the U.S., has purchased its third 3800 automated production programmer in just under a year to accommodate additional capacity.

“We chose additional 3800s to increase our output and reduce our programming times,” said Jim Howell, president of A&J Programming. “This should give us the ability to produce more than two million units per month.”

Introduced in November 2010, the 3800 automated universal production programmer supports microcontrollers, NAND flash, NOR flash, serial flash, managed NAND flash, E/EPROM, flash EPROM, and other technologies with densities up to an 8 Eb theoretical limit. Additionally, the system supports devices with voltages down to 0.7 (Vdd).

The 3800 is powered by BPM Microsystems’ Vector Engine Co-Processor® now with BitBlast technology. The new technology provides an extra boost to programming speeds for managed NAND devices that utilize the eMMC interface, which drastically increases overall throughput.

With the addition of its latest 3800, A&J Programming now owns and operates a total of 13 BPM Microsystems 3000 series automated programming systems, including two 3500s, two 3600s, two 3700s, four 3710s and three 3800s.

Founded in 1983, A&J Programming has established itself as the largest independent programming service provider located on the West Coast with the capacity to program more than18 million parts per year. The company’s primary focus is to provide long-term, consistent programming services for its industry partners.

Additional services offered by A&J Programming include label and laser marking, tape-and-reel services, lead scan and more.

A&J Programming can be contacted at 380 Piercy Road, San Jose, CA 95138; telephone: +1-408-281-0100; Web site:

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