Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Easy Braid Co. Partners with ALeader-Europe
Easy Braid Co. was recently appointed the North American Distributor of ALeader Europe, a worldwide leader of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) systems, a total solution for final process control.
Cleve Williams, Applications Engineer at Easy Braid Co., stated “The best AOI solution available in today’s market is provided by ALeader’s state-of-the-art technology and for that reason its newest ALD700 in-line AOI recently won the 6th SMT China Award for Automated Optical Inspection. With ALeader’s advanced optics and lighting systems, we look forward to bringing this technology and value to our North American customers.”

Kobi Ventura, President of ALeader Europe stated, “We are delighted to have Easy Braid Co. on board as our North American distributor. They are well respected and have wide experience within the North American SMT market. ALeader’s unique and leading technology combined with good pricing give Easy Braid the perfect solution for their customers’ inspection requirements.”

ALeader Europe’s Topography 360™ Technology is an enhancement of 3D technology. This advanced technology creates the topography of the solder joints and can detect even the slightest change, down to 10 micron resolution. Ultra high performance, easy and fast programming, and a fully automatic algorithm setting make a revolutionary and total solution for the final process.

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of soldering and desoldering devices, Easy Braid Co. serves as a North American channel for major worldwide technology companies such as SEC X-ray, PBT Cleaning Systems, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, and now ALeader AOI.
For more information please call 800-840-5394 or visit Easy Braid’s website

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